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Enders Supreme Starter Set GREEN

134,96 €
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Enders Supreme Starter Set GREEN
Type Set
Size 38.5x44.5 cm
Height 45 cm
Weight 4.7 kg
Upper reservoir 21 l
Bottom reservoir 22 l
Upper indicator Yes
Bottom indicator Yes
Guarantee 2 years

The Starter Set for the first use: Enough chemicals for up to 200 flushes.

The Starter Set Blue contains everything that you need for the first use of your chemical toilet:

  1. Biotoilet Enders Mobile WC Supreme 4999,
  2. Sanitation liquid concentrate for camping toilets Ensan Green 1 litre
  3. 1 litre of chemical concentrate for the fresh water tank (Ensan Rinse),
  4. 4 rolls of dissolvable toilet paper (Ensan camping toilet paper).

Portable biotoilet Enders Mobile WC Supreme 4999 (with level indicator)

The construction is maximally close to home conveniences but it has all the functions of a portable toilet:

  • Usual seat height - 44.7 cm.
  • Ergonomic convenient seat with toilet paper holder. 
  • The weight of the movable toilet is 4.7 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 130 kg
  • A convenient handle on the tank for sewage waters and flushing
  • The cover and the seat are removable and a big water tank is easy to fill.
  • Special turning tube for sewage waters cleaning, ventilation button
  • A sensor for indicating the sewage water tank fill level
  • Rinse water tank: volume 21 L
  • Sewage water tank: volume 22 L

The cover and the seat can be easily removed without any special tools for express cleaning, and a big water tank is easy to fill.


The environmentally-friendly chemical for the lower wastewater tank.

High quality sanitation concentrate for your camping toilet’s wastewater tank.

Quantity: 1 litre

100 ml of concentrate per 19 litres of wastewater (volume of the wastewater tank in our camping toilet),should be used to break down faecal matter.

  • The environmentally-friendly sanitation liquid Ensan Green for chemical toilets helps to break down faecal material and camping toilet paper in the wastewater tank
  • Keeps the faecal tank hygienically clean and prevents the build-up of unpleasant odours.
  • Contains germicidal ingredients
  • Reduces the build up of gas in the wastewater tank
  • Has a fresh, pleasant scent

Product Description:

ORGANIC chemicals help to protect the environment. Ensan Green is formaldehyde-free and stimulates biological activity in the wastewater tank. Natural microorganisms break down the contents of the wastewater tank in a completely biological manner, allowing it to then be disposed of into the sewerage system without the need for additional dilution. These microorganisms also prevent the build-up of gas and odours in the camping toilet. Ensan Green has a fresh citrus scent.


1 litre of chemical concentrate for the fresh water tank (Ensan Rinse)

High quality sanitation concentrate for the fresh water tank in chemical toilets:
Ensan Rinse is added to the fresh water tank (16 litre volume) of the chemical toilet. You need just 100 ml of Ensan Rinse per 16 litres of fresh water.
Quantity: 1 litre

Product Description:

  • For long-term maintenance of your chemical toilet with each flush. The sanitation liquid concentrate for camping toilets – Ensan Rinse
  • Effectively cleans the bowl and slider
  • Removes scale
  • Prevents the build-up of chalk
  • Prevents the build-up of algae
  • Ensures that the stop valve works perfectly
  • Cares for the rubber sealants


4 rolls of dissolvable toilet paper (Ensan camping toilet paper).

  • Super soft and easily soluble toilet paper.
  • Say good-bye to clogging.
  • Promotes easier waste-holding tank emptying.
  • Specially developed for mobile toilets.
  • Awarded the Nordic Swan.
  • Available in 4-roll package.
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